Kitchen and bathrooms are areas of the home with the most frequent use, so it’s not uncommon for the majority of maintenance issues to be in those rooms. On a day-to-day basis, you’re probably using the sinks in your kitchen and bathrooms. If standard drain cleaners don’t seem to be working as efficiently, it’s probably time you have a professional take a look. At Westside Plumbing, Inc. in Brownsburg, IN, we share these telltale signs that you need drain cleaning services.

1) Slow Drains

An early sign of drain clogs is the flow of the water. Is it taking longer for the water to drain down? If it is taking longer than normal, it means that your drain isn’t clear and that a clog is forming in your pipes.

2) Frequent Clogging

Small clogs can be solved with a plunger. However, frequent clogging means there’s a bigger issue at hand. You need a plumber who can complete a drain cleaning in order to stop a major clog from developing.

3) Gurgling Noises

Your drain will tell you when it’s overloaded. When a drain is blocked, water will still try to force its way through, causing gurgling or bubbling noise in the process.

4) Bubbles

Not only does a bubbling noise signify a problem with your drain, but the presence of actual bubbles is often a sign too. Unlike bubbles that eventually disappear after washing your hands, persistent bubbles are not caused by soap and show a sign that there’s a clog somewhere in your drain.

5) Backup in Shower

If it’s time for a drain cleaning, you may start to notice water backing up in your shower. Standing water may also be present in areas of your home like the sinks and tubs. In addition to water, you may also see darker liquids that definitely prove the piping system needs to be cleared out.

Need a professional drain cleaning? Our Brownsburg plumbers are on-call 24/7 to fix the problem. Call Westside Plumbing at (317) 445-8399 today to request service from our pros.

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