With ten years of experience in inspecting homes, Westside Plumbing, Inc. remains a trusted plumbing company in Indiana. We know that summertime can be especially problematic for homeowners who have unexpected plumbing emergencies. The following are preventative measures you can take to ensure your plumbing system works properly this summer:

  1. Check your washing machine regularly: The summer means more outdoor time and therefore, more dirty clothes. Your washing machine is probably operating on a daily basis, so it’s important that you keep it in good condition. You should clean the dryer lint trap regularly to prevent a potential dryer fire. Also, check your washing machine hose for any bulges, leaks, or cracks so you can be aware of any obvious plumbing issues.
  2. Avoid excess use of the garbage disposal: During cookouts and family gatherings in the summer, food scraps are often put down the garbage disposal. Instead of overworking the disposal, throw away leftover scraps in a nearby garbage can.
  3. Don’t hand wash dishes: Good news! You’ll save money and time if you use a dishwasher. According to Consumer Energy Center, modern dishwashers actually uses about 37 percent less water than washing dishes by hand.
  4. Get your sewer line inspected: With all the thunderstorms during the summer, sewer line backups become a common problem. Have a plumber inspect your sewer line for potential problems, and discuss drain-cleaning options.
  5. Check for leaks in your home: A leak in your plumbing system can result in gallons of water being wasted and more expensive utility bills. Check your faucets, toilets, and other appliances for leaks.

For more seasonal plumbing tips, check out more posts from www.westsideplumbing.net, or talk to one of our seasoned professionals at 317-445-8399.

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