Do you put up with hard water in your Indiana home? The aggravating effects include stains and residue on freshly washed dishes, dry skin, mineral build-up on the coffee maker, and, over time, clogged pipes or even appliance damage. If you have hard water in your Zionsville, Brownsburg, or Danville home, you don’t need to suffer through it any longer. Instead, talk to Westside Plumbing, Inc. about installing a water treatment system, also known as a water softener, in your home.

End Your Hard Water Woes with a Water Softener

Water softener facts

A water softener is a treatment system that helps filter the water that comes into your home before it’s distributed to the rest of your plumbing. A softener can minimize calcium and magnesium from collecting and clogging your pipes. It also helps reduce other hard water effects such as water spots, dry skin, residue on your hair, and more. While a water softener isn’t essential to home ownership, it does offer many solutions to your hard water woes.

Installing a water softener

Home water treatment systems are a major appliance and can be complicated to install, so this isn’t a DIY project! At Westside Plumbing, we take great pride in being a complete plumbing service. From assisting with choosing a system to adding the first bag of softener salt, we’ll handle the entire process of installing a water softener for you. If your home hasn’t had the privilege of knowing the smooth feel of soft water, treat it to a brand new softener installed by expert hands. 

Contact us today

Kick your hard water issues to the curb. For complete water softener installation service, contact Westside Plumbing today at (317) 445-8399. You can talk with one of our plumbers and get a quote on how much a water softener installation might cost. Already have one? Take a look at how old it is. Softeners typically last more than a decade, so if yours is older than 10 years old, give us a call.


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