If you have standard plumbing in your home-sinks, showers, tubs, laundry hook-ups and toilets, you may think you’re set on possible water features. There are actually several additions you can make to your plumbing, making your life easier.

Plumbing Add-Ons

  • Ice Makers: If you are already looking to replace your old refrigerator, this is the perfect time to add an icemaker. Having your water pipes extended so they reach your fridge gives you the option of purchasing one with a convenient water/ice maker feature. Most new full-sized refrigerators come with the icemaker feature whether you think its necessary or not, which will require you to change your plumbing.
  • Drinking fountains: Perfect for house with children or home daycares. In either case, a home drinking fountain mounted on the wall is a great way to teach them to be more self sufficient, while cutting down some of your “running” time. Install a set of two, a lower fountain for the little ones and a standard height fountain for the adults. Having a home drinking fountain also will cut down on the amount of glasses your family uses.
  • Additional outdoor spigots: Almost all homes have at least one outdoor spigot, and many have one in the front and the back of the house. But if you’re one of the unlucky ones that have to hook up half a dozen hoses together and haul them around the side of the house just to water your front yard landscaping, you may want to consider adding another spigot.
  • Utility sinks: If you don’t currently have a utility room, this is a home renovation worth making. If you don’t want to add an entire room utility sinks work well in the basement or laundry room. Locating a utility sink in the garage is also an option – just make sure the plumbing pipes are installed in a wall that is adjacent to the house to keep them from freezing.

All of these plumbing add-ons are luxuries more wants than necessities but definitely make daily tasks easier. None of these projects, however, are DIY projects. When you’re in need of a dependable and experienced plumbing company in central Indiana, look no further than Westside Plumbing. We are proud to serve the plumbing needs of clients in Brownsburg, Avon IN, Zionsville, Danville IN, Plainfield , and the surrounding Indiana areas. Contact us today at 317-445-8399 for plumbing repairs or for more information on any of our plumbing services.

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