Spring is finally on its way, and that can mean more than just daffodils and songbirds at your bird-feeder. Heavy spring rains landing on still-frozen ground can wreck havoc on your foundation and basement. Every spring, insurance companies are inundated with claims for flooded basements. A functional sump pump is one of the best lines of defense. Make sure yours is in good working order before Indiana gets too soggy. Westside Plumbing Inc. offers full-service sump pump installation and repair, to solve all of your flooded basement problems. Call us today at (317) 445-8399 to request service and receive a quote.

Rain Brings Sump Pump Issues 

What Do Sump Pumps Do?

Installed along the outside perimeter of your home, a sump pump acts as an extra layer of security for proper drainage. As rainwater or ground moisture accumulates in the reservoir of the system, the pump activates to remove the excess water, pushing it from your foundation. This prevents foundation cracks and other structural problems.

Heavy rains, drainage backups, and appliance breakdowns can all add up to a flooded basement. You’d be surprised at how quickly water can take over – and how little is needed to flood and make a major mess. Installing a submersible sump pump helps to drain accumulating water before it can do extreme damage to your belongings, floors, and home’s structure. If you have a finished basement, installing a sump pump near windows and areas where water can accumulate can save you lots of headaches and, more importantly, money on future drain cleanings and home restoration.

Call in the Sump Pump Specialists

At Westside Plumbing, Inc., we offer sump pump repair and maintenance services to homeowners in Brownsburg, ZionsvilleAvonPlainfieldDanville, and the western Indianapolis areas. Make sure your home’s sump pump is functioning year-round in case of burst pipes or torrential downpours. Questions? Call (317) 445-8399 to request service.


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