Is your bathroom a little tight on space? Many people choose to undergo a bathroom remodeling project to enlarge their smaller bathrooms, but this isn’t an option in every home. There are some ways, though, to make the most of your tiny bathroom. We’ve provided a few of our favorite tips below.

  1. Consider the layout. Maybe rearranging or removing some of your fixtures can give your bathroom some much-needed floor space. Ask your plumber about moving your sink or toilet to a different corner of the bathroom.
  2. Streamline your vanity. While you might like the large surface area and storage that a big vanity provides, it can often eat away into your available floor space. A pedestal sink takes up much less space, and you can use stackable storage units (wicker looks nice) for your personal items.
  3. Install a recessed cabinet. Recessed cabinets don’t take up any space in your floor plan, but they can give you valuable storage space. Ask your bathroom remodeler about where a recessed cabinet might fit.
  4. Choose your fixtures carefully. Many times, your plumbing can be streamlined—toilets with smaller tanks are available, as are toilets without tanks at all. Pedestal sinks are smaller than vanity sinks, and small showers are just as functional as spacious ones.
  5. Let the light in! If you’re feeling up to a larger remodeling project, think about adding a larger window to your bathroom, or installing a glass shower door to give the illusion of more space. A brighter space always seems larger than a dark one.

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