According to the National Weather Service, May 2018 was the hottest May on record! The increase in temperature can set the tone for a more active summer, but it could also mean a tough time for your air conditioner. Changing your AC filter is one of those little things that is easy to forget. Some homeowners go without replacing them at all. The professionals at Westside Plumbing, Inc. have experience in AC diagnosis, repair, and installation. Call (317) 445-8399  to schedule an appointment. 

Air Bacteria

What Causes An AC Filter to Get Dirty?

Your air conditioner may be prone to clogging if you have:

  • Dust build-up. Dust is the most common cause of a clog. The dust can build up in new homes if the construction is still fresh. Older homes also collect dust bunnies unless frequently vacuumed.  
  • A pet. We may all love Fido, but even shorter-haired animals shed. Pet fur is commonly caught in filters, and enough of it can cause a clog. 
  • An open window. Even if you just leave your air conditioner set to “fan”, an open window can be a portal for dirty air and dust to enter. Due to the constant string of air flow, dirt is more likely to follow the pathway into your home. 

The Quality of Air 

The American Lung Association has ranked Indianapolis with the 25 worst areas in the country for air pollutants. Unhealthy air particles can impact asthma and complicate other respiratory conditions. Homes that rely on air conditioners should frequently replace filters as dirt particles can irritate the eyes and throat. 

In addition to causing illness, an unchanged filter can also cost you money. Clogged air conditioners also have a tendency to crack and leak. If a filter is clogged, the system will spend more energy cooling the room. This typically takes longer and costs the homeowner much more in the long run.

Do not wait if you suspect that your air conditioner is leaking or clogged. Immediately call Westside Plumbing Inc. of Brownsburg at (317) 445-8399 to schedule an appointment

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