Everyone enjoys a clean bathroom, but there are few people who actually enjoy cleaning it. Bathrooms are the hardest rooms to clean because they house the most germs, but they are a significant focal point to any home. Not only does Westside Plumbing Inc. understand the common bathroom issues in Brownsburg, but we know how to fix them! For serious clogs, installations, and plumbing inquiries, call the Zionsville professionals at (317) 445-8399 today!

Every student has witnessed the powerful collision of baking soda and vinegar at some point during the school science fair, but many people do not understand the versatile benefits that baking soda can give to our adult lives, particularly in the bathroom. Not only is the naturally existing white powder virtually harmless to humans, but the chemical reaction has various uses. Baking soda is considered an alkali, which means that it neutralizes acids and can effectively infiltrate and remove grease, lime, and other stains. Below are a few benefits to keeping baking soda in your bathroom. 

Baking Soda for Plumbing

Unclog Your Drains

Just like baking soda, vinegar is a natural and safe cleaning agent. When combined with baking soda, the chemical reaction penetrates deeply set blockages that can clog your pipes. The fizzy reaction can break up sludge and other corrosion that may cause your drain to empty slowly. 

Unclog Your Pores 

Baking soda not only has anti-bacterial properties, but it is safe to use on your face to dry out pimples and balance the pH of your skin. The tart powder can also be used as an effective toothpaste and as a gentle exfoliator. 

Though baking soda can sometimes be a great alternative to calling a plumber, there are situations where you need professional help. The professional crew of Westside Plumbing, Inc. operates out of Brownsburg and services the surrounding areas. For any inquiries or to schedule a service, call (317) 445-8399 today! 


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