Small in area yet big in heart, Danville, Indiana, is home to thousands of families, business, and homeowners, all of whom will need assistance with plumbing and HVAC units at some point. At Westside Plumbing, Inc., we offer just that: affordable and high-quality plumbing and HVAC services to solve any problem. If you’re a Danville resident or business owner in need of aid from a certified plumber or technician, call us at (317) 445-8399 to request a service appointment.

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Our Plumbing Services

When leaks or squeaks have got you down, call a licensed plumber for a house call and a remedy. Experienced in all forms of plumbing, including commercial and residential systems, Westside Plumbing offers affordable and speedy service. Listed below are the typical problems or projects we encounter with homes and businesses.

  • Leaky faucets, tubs, and sinks – Our plumbers both repair and offer general cleanup of any plumbing leaks.
  • Appliance installation or repairs – From dishwashers to fridges to garbage disposals, we install or repair most appliances that utilize water or gas.
  • Sump pump maintenance – Proper repair and inspection is essential to keep your home free of standing water, which is why we work on residential sump pumps.
  • Water heater inspections (including installation and repair, when needed) – Hot water is key to starting the day off right, so experience stellar morning showers with a properly functioning water heater.
  • Water softener maintenance and installation – Soft water can eliminate the streaks, spots, and deposits that hard water leaves behind. We install and repair most water softener systems.
  • Gas line installation, repairs, and leak detection – Dangerous gas leaks can be scary, but we’re here to detect, repair, and even install gas lines, so you can go about your normal lives without fear.
  • Clogged toilets and drains, as well as repairs – Keep your bathroom in tiptop shape. Call us at the first sign of a clogged or faulty fixture.
  • Outdoor kitchen appliance installation – We install dishwashers, sinks, and gas stoves in outdoor kitchens throughout all Danville, Indiana, homes and businesses.

Danville HVAC Services

Whether your AC in on the fritz or your furnace filter needs to be replaced, let the HVAC technicians from Westside take care of the problem. We’re trained to work on heating and cooling systems from all manufacturers. With our HVAC services, we can also address your indoor air quality concerns.

Don’t let the small leak turn into a geyser; contact Westside Plumbing, Inc. at (317) 445-8399 today to schedule immediate service. In addition to offering expert plumbing services to Danville, Indiana, we also work in the western Indianapolis areas of Avon, Zionsville, and Plainfield.