Gas Line Installation Brownsburg IN

Of all the dangers facing a home, a leaking gas line can be one of the worst. Westside Plumbing, Inc., deals with plumbing, yes, but we also are certified to detect gas leaks as well as repair and install gas lines for residential properties. If you’ve noticed an odorous scent similar to rotten food or eggs, we recommend calling your gas provider to turn off the gas, then remove yourself from the premises. After the leak has been stopped, call us at (317) 445-8399 for emergency gas line repair service.

Gas Leak Repair

Gas leaks can be caused by sudden ruptures of improperly laid line or by normal wear and tear of fittings and the structure. No matter the reason, a leaking gas line is an extremely dangerous problem, one that must be remedied quickly. If you need help detecting a gas leak, read this article for more information.

Westside Plumbing, Inc. offers full detection of leaks as well as the subsequent gas leak repair in Brownsburg, IN, and the surrounding areas. If you’re suspicious of a gas leak, don’t take a chance — get out and call us right away.

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Emergency Service Available!

Gas Line Installation

Besides helping in times of emergency, Westside Plumbing, Inc. can also handle those situations when you need a new line. Whether you’re installing a gas dryer, or moving a gas line for a stove, we can help. We install new lines for the following types of appliances and fixtures:

  • Stoves and ovens
  • Furnaces and AC units
  • Pool heaters
  • Barbeques
  • Outdoor fire pits

Our highly qualified technicians are on hand to repair and install gas lines throughout all of western Indianapolis, including the towns of Danville, Avon, Zionsville, Plainfield, and Brownsburg.

In addition to natural gas line installation, detection, and repair, we also handle HVAC repairs and other plumbing services, such as cleaning drains, repairing toilets, installing and repairing kitchen and bathroom fixtures, working on sump pumps, and servicing water filter systems. Call us at (317) 445-8399 to schedule service today.