If you live in the Zionsville, Indiana, you’ll be glad to know there is an honest and reliable plumber to call in the event of leaky pipes or malfunctioning plumbing fixtures: Bobby at Westside Plumbing, Inc. With decades of experience, Bobby is here to solve any large, small, or catastrophic plumbing problem in your home or business. Call him at (317) 445-8399 today to request a service appointment. In addition to your plumbing woes, our HVAC technicians can also service your home with our heating and air conditioning repairs.

Exceptional Plumbing Services

When a leak turns into a fire hydrant, or a squeaky faucet finally transforms into The Sword in the Stone, it may be time to hire a certified plumber. At Westside Plumbing, we are well versed in everything from dribbling shower heads to entire plumbing systems. Below you’ll find a list of typical appliances and plumbing fixtures we service in Zionsville, Indiana.

  • Kitchen and bathroom plumbing – When your home or business simply needs a new look or added functionality, our plumbers can help. We install dishwashers, repair sinks, and replace nearly any fixture within the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Sump pumps – Installing, repairing, or inspecting sump pumps is something we feel is important for the overall well-being of your home. Keep your home’s foundation and basement free of cracks and flooding water with proper sump pump maintenance.
  • Water heaters – Ensure the showers you take each morning are refreshing, not ice cold, with a new water heater. Or if there’s been some leaking or temperature issues, read up on frequently seen issues here, then call us for an inspection and repairs.
  • Water softener systems – Softened water keeps the skin and hair soft and silky, and it also helps clean dishes and clothes better than mineral-loaded hard water. Keep dry skin and water spots at bay with a properly maintained or installed water softener.
  • Gas lines – For your safety, we both install and repair gas lines in Zionsville neighborhoods. If you think you may have a gas link, get out of the building, call to have the gas line shut off, and then contact us.
  • Toilets and drain clogs – Clearing clogs from a drain or toilet is the staple of any plumbing company, and Westside Plumbing is no different. Although we also install, replace, and repair toilets and bathroom fixtures, we know that a clear drain equals normalcy for our neighbors.

HVAC in Zionsville

Unexpected HVAC problems can cause distress and interrupt your daily routine. Luckily, our local HVAC technicians in Zionsville are on call to address your heating and cooling issues. We even serve residential properties with indoor air quality assessments — so if you need a new furnace filter or humidifier, we have technicians who can offer their expert opinion.

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If water or gas is essential to operate an appliance or feature that’s currently broken or uninstalled, we offer the plumbing service you need. Call Bobby from Westside Plumbing, Inc. at (317) 445-8399 to schedule service in your Zionsville home or business. We also serve the western side of Indianapolis, including the towns of Brownsburg, Avon, Plainfield, and Danville, IN.